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The Witch Is In

Featuring DaD Virtual Living and Aphrodite Shop

Time for a Halloween picture.  I think I have posted enough Fall photos to take the edge off so now it’s ok to move on to real, no-kidding, Halloween photos.  Afterall, November will be filled with Autumn shots as well, before we head high gear into Christmas and winter.

So a fantastic thing happened to me today, which by the time you read this will be yesterday, but it’s a fantastic thing be it today, yesterday, tomorrow…anytime!  As I was browsing my emails, the subject line of one caught my attention.  It said “DaD Blogger Invitation”.  My heart skipped a beat and then I said to myself, “Calm down, that probably doesn’t mean what you think”.

I had applied once before to blog for DaD and didn’t make the cut at that time.  That was last December…I know because I have a folder of all my Blogotex feedback notices whether they were accepted or rejected.  So I proceeded to log in and was met by a lovely note that was indeed asking if I was interested in blogging for DaD.  I squealed a “yes”, rather loudly apparently, because my dogs came running to see what the excitement was.  I replied via notecard and before long, and just like Halloween magic, DaD appeared in my Blogotex list.  So this is another example to my fellow bloggers not to give up.  Work hard, learn new skills, take a lot of photos even if you never post them, play around with lighting and angles, etc.  It’s good practice and as the old saying goes “if at first you don’t succeed, eat cake!”  Wait..that’s not right is it?  Anyway…here we go with my first official post and a “thanks again” to DaD.  You made my day!



DaD Virtual Living – Scary House @ Uber

Aphrodite Shop – Three Witches Fun Halloween Decor

Heart Garden Center 

Wildwood Witch Forest – Black Oak Set
Ancient Stone Pathway
Autumn Leaves

|T|L|C| Home Collection – Crow

{What Next} – Bramley Rocking Chair


English Ivy
Starlit Spiderweb

Dust Bunny

Firewood Basket
Storybook Living Wishing Well

*HEXtraordinary* – Halloween Jack O’ Lantern

Alouette – Rustic Wall Sconce 

{Old Barn Door} – Primitive Cottage Rug

Follow US – Autumn ’14 Pumpkins in Raven Cage

Gabby Handrick – Cauldron *FREE*


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