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Isn’t that what it always feels like, when you wait for ages and ages on something?
The Shadows Skybox will fit a small plot 16x16x8 meters.
It includes a poof seat with animations too! (front right)
(picture showing full skybox at the end of this post)
⚜ ⚜ 
The Magical Orbs Poofy Chair Set includes the arm chair and lamp.
The orb in them lamp emits light and spins!!

⚜ ⚜ 
The Jackson Square Skeleton Couch has 2 seat textures and three poses.
I should put this in Venom’s sitting room, for when I have to wait on her! 🙂

Everything pictured is by The EKC! 

(picture below is me being mischievous with venom – not official blog stuff)

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