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Hey! It’s been a minute since I have been able to blog. There have been a number of things that have come up, and it pulled my focus out of Second Life.

CAZIMI: Glitter Bomb Lipstick (Catwa) (@ July Round Unik – 7th to 28th)
CAZIMI: (Glitter Bomb) Nails Palette 2019 (Maitreya) (@ July Round Unik – 7th to 28th)
CAZIMI: Gilded Eyeshadow (Catwa)

Ring: Chop ZueyTrio Bijoux – Engagement Ring & Womens Formal Wedding Band – TxChnge (@ eBento – July 11-31)
Shoes: N-core PAULA Summer “Fatpack” for Maitreya High Feet
Shorts: Pseudo– Minka Shorts Lara White
Top: Pseudo- Minka Top Lara White
Skin: [Glam Affair] Dakota Applier [ Catwa ] 006 (@ Crystal Heart Festival – June 30 to July 31)
Poses: Foxcity – Moody, Good Morning, Spotlight
Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Hello Cafe


On July 4th, my childhood best friend’s mother passed away. I never was formally introduced to her mom (the family kept to themselves and did not want their children to have friends), but I went to the wake and funeral to support my friend. I got the chance to see my friend’s sister, who I hadn’t seen since school days. My friend also stayed with my during everything. Originally, she was supposed to stay for a week (she came Tuesday, and the funeral was on Friday the 12th). But she ended up staying until the following Saturday. It was nice to see her again, because I had not seen her since she moved to North Carolina back in 2012. However, there was a bit of miscommunication in terms of housing expectations that made the visit more strained than it needed to.

If you have been following the news, Sunday Con Edison decided to shut down the power in several neighborhoods in NYC due to the impact the weather was having on the electrical system. That afternoon I noticed that my computer was losing power, so I quickly shut that off. Then after I saw other equipment flickering on and off, I decided to go online to see what was going on. Soon after, everything shut off. I had to eventually spend the night with my aunt because I couldn’t stay in the house. It wasn’t just hot – I couldn’t breathe that well.

When I got back home after 3 PM, everything was still turned off. I decided to go out for a bit, especially after I saw that it was hard for me to get a good signal on my phone. The power came back that night (Con Ed kept pushing back the time the electricity would come back on again…last estimate was at 11 PM), but the damage to the frozen goods was already done.

After I finish this post, I have to finish cleaning out the freezer (trash day tomorrow!) and then tomorrow clean up the place because my brother and his family are coming up from North Carolina. A couple of friends were like “Didn’t he know about the recent blackout?” Yes, he said he wanted to roll the dice 🙂

Well, I will do my best to get back to a regular posting schedule. But at least now you know what has been going on with me this month. Happy shopping!


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