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Mall open : February 19, 2021

Game open : Coming Soon

– fashion –

*:..Silvery K..:*Kimono Mesh(gasha-dokuro)FatPack_AutoHide@KAGAMI2021

*:..Silvery K..:*Kimono Mesh(gasha-dokuro)FatPack_Shoes@KAGAMI2021

*:..Silvery K..:*Kimono Mesh(gasha-dokuro)Stole_Black@KAGAMI2021

*::.who what.::* [Japanesque] -Sakura Chouchin- black@KAGAMI2021

[Cubic Cherry] {Asahi} mask RED black (R)@KAGAMI2021

Ichigo* Hazuki Kanzashi – Fatpack (L)

Ichigo* Hazuki Kanzashi – Fatpack (R)

[CX] x BUENO – Welded Eye – Silver ( Maitreya ) L

[CX] x BUENO – Welded Eye – Silver ( Maitreya ) R

[monso] My Hair – Shiranui A (m)

– Decor –

Air_Ungaikyou gold_CM@KAGAMI2021

{anc} anemone / giant flower 15Li (night)@THE ARCADE

{anc} ripple. oil [S]1Li

Kiru – Cherry Blossom Rain@SAKURA MATSURI

ROIRO – Sakura Hanamushiro

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